Tuesday, June 9, 2015


My mission and purpose is to submit totally to ALLAH in everything I do, to seek HIS Guidance,  Blessing and Divine Nearness to a life full of LOVE and HAPPINESS.

My responsibility is nurture what ALLAH has given to me, which is develop my spritual, intellectual,  emotional dan physical potential to fullest in order to achieve higher result possible in all areas of my life. I am a constant and never ending improvement individual.

My commitment is to empower myself first to do my very best in everything I do pursuit of excellence,  so that I can serve my family,  my religion,  my company and my country.

I focus of my life purpose in giving out positive energy and working in harmony with others at all times because I believe that is in the giving that I receive abundance in my life.

I submit my life totally to ALLAH in everything I do.

♥Puteri Nor Aisyah bt Megat Muhammad Hatim♥

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