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Baru-baru ini I baru balik dari Camp ABC, Janda Baik. Minggu pertama cuti dah penuh aktiviti bagai.Kami diwajibkan hadir ke Multaqa Guru SMAN, iring pelajar ke KESUMA dan Mukhayam. Sapa kata jadi cikgu ini best dapat cuti lama-lama? Hakikatnya tidak pun, so you guys kena appreciate pengorbanan seorang guru OK.

Berbalik kepada cerita Camp ABC yang saya hadir. Sebelum itu, I nak explain yang ABC tu bukan belajar huruf tadika ye, tetapi it's stand for Awareness Before Change. Pengalaman yang sangat menarik. Jadual sangat padat, dan yang paling unik slot start 4.30 pagi uolss. Tapi I memang tak mengantuk langsung. I pun tak tahu nak start cerita dari mana dulu. Hahaha...

Dari kesemua aktiviti, ada satu perkara yang menyebabkan I bermuhasabah iaitu tentang Nafas Damai. I sangat pelik, kenapa I tak boleh langsung menangis, sedih, meluahkan segala-segala perasaan yang terbuku di dalam hati. Sampai peserta yang lain hairan bin pelik. " Aisyah, you ni normal or tak? Kenapa macam tak ada perasaan langsung?"

Saya memang akui dan bertanya pada diri, 'Cekal sangat ke aku ni sampai tak boleh menitiskan air mata langsung...atau memang belum merasai liku-liku dan cabaran kehidupan...'

Kebiasaan, slot-slot muhasabah ini mesti menyentuh tentang parents, pasangan, keluarga, anak-anak dan orang sekeliling.
Parents - Ok je, kalo kena marah tu biasa ler. Mereka marah pun demi kebaikan kita juga (settle)
Pasangan - Bujang senang, tak pernah couple dan bertunang...single lagi (settle)
Anak-anak - Tak kahwin lagi, so jangan tanya kenapa I menangis ( settle)
Orang sekeliling - Cikgu-cikgu sekolah dan anak-anak murid yang happy je (settle)

So, I dah bleh buat kesimpulan yang I memang tiada masalah hidup. Masalah sekarang macam mana nak kasi income membiak. Financial mantap dan stabil je.


At times I was thinking about the life I had,

recapturing the moments of my life...

From the day I was born...

When I was just a child...

When I was a youthful teen...

Until now...

Happy moments... and sad stories I had...

Sometimes I wonder...

What is the meaning of my life?

What am I going to do with my life?

Will I have better future?

Will my dream come true?

I am aware... for things to change, I must change first.

I live in the present and my life is indeed meaningful.

Hence I should live it with faith and be grateful.

Feeling the purity of love that comes within...

I change...!!!

I reach out with trust and love...

I'm the energy giver

For you...

For me...

For us...


Talk is cheap...
Action is real expensive...
Show Proof!
Show Proof!
Show Proof!!!

Type 1: Many People
Talk, talk, talk...think, think,think...Do NOTHING

Type 2 : Some People
Talk, talk, talk... think, think, think...Do SOMETHING

Type 3 : Few People
Talk, talk, talk... think, think, think...Do more QUALITY THINGS

Which type people you are?


You and I are in partnership, a relationship which I value and want to build upon it to become stronger each day.

When you are having problems meeting your needs, I will listen with genuine acceptance, in order to facilitate you, finding your own solutions, instead of depending on mine. I also respect your right to choose your own beliefs and develop your own values, different though they may be from mine.

However, when your behavior interferes with what I must do to get my own needs met, I will tell you openly and honestly how your behavior affects me, trusting that you will respect my needs and feeling enough to try to change the behavior that is unacceptable to me. Also, whenever some behavior of mine is unacceptable to you, I hope you will tell me openly and honestly so I can try to change my behavior.

In this way, you can continue to develop as a person through satisfying your needs and so can I. Thus, ours can be a healthy relationship in which both of us can strive to become what we are capable of being. And we can continue to relate to each other with mutual respect, love and peace.

Lets us reach out our hands so that there is a meeting of hearts.


Mind is the Master Power!!!

Why I said that???

It means you have to fall in LOVE with your GOAL & TARGET. You got to internalise your GOAL to become Burning Desire and Expectation.

Yes, I LOVE travel so much, much..Therefore I got to visualization & imagine the places that I want to go. Insyaallah, one day ourself will be there. I really believe the powerful of visualization.

I started made my plan vacation and visualization in year 2012. It is my first time travel and take a flight to go there.

My GOAL of travel:
2012 : Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam ( Done)
2013 : Bandung- Jakarta, Indonesia ( Done)
2014 : Kemboja (Done)
2014 : Riau, Indonesia- Padang, Pekan Baru & Bukit Tinggi ( Done)
2015 : Korea ( Done)
2015 : Krabi, Thailand (Done)
2016 : Mekah ( Umrah, coming soon...insyaallah)
2016 : Istanbul
2017 : Morocco
2017 : Spain
2018 : German
2018 : New Zealand
2019 : Japan
2019 : India
2020 : Mekah ( Hajj)

I believe, I Achieve
I believe, I Achieve
I believe, I Achieve

Lets start your visualization. It will become true dream.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I see myself getting closer to HIM. Every moment is enlightening and lifting my spirit higher as I know I am HIS presence.  I see the many thousands of pilgrims all coming for only one reason, to seek His Blessing.

I hear the sound of prayers from the many pilgrims. I hear my own prayer to Him. I hear my heart beat in silent prayer. I am feeling great. I feel the wind blowing in my face as I blow in prayers. It is so exciting to be here.  I am so close to HIM that I feel calm and loved. My pilgrimage is opening both my eyes and heart to his glory. I feel loved, spritually contented and strong.

I believe I Achieve
I believe I Achieve
I believe I Achieve

I internalised all my goal & mission in the heart. Pray to ALLAH

January 2020 : I am so happy I have income RM50,000 per month
January 2020 : I am so happy I have a big and beautiful bungalow
January 2020 : I am so happy I have a car HRV Honda
March 2020 : I am so happy that I sponsored my families to Mecca.


My mission and purpose is to submit totally to ALLAH in everything I do, to seek HIS Guidance,  Blessing and Divine Nearness to a life full of LOVE and HAPPINESS.

My responsibility is nurture what ALLAH has given to me, which is develop my spritual, intellectual,  emotional dan physical potential to fullest in order to achieve higher result possible in all areas of my life. I am a constant and never ending improvement individual.

My commitment is to empower myself first to do my very best in everything I do pursuit of excellence,  so that I can serve my family,  my religion,  my company and my country.

I focus of my life purpose in giving out positive energy and working in harmony with others at all times because I believe that is in the giving that I receive abundance in my life.

I submit my life totally to ALLAH in everything I do.

♥Puteri Nor Aisyah bt Megat Muhammad Hatim♥


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